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Project Freewill is proud to announce a new collaboration between Clay Camero, singer/songwriter Angelikah Fahray, modern dancer Olase Freeman & rapper Nappy THC, made possible with the Sonic Visions Grant from Space 538.

Titled 'Flesh&Blood: Unearthing the nonbinary wisdom body,' we will take you on a sonic journey into our origins with the beautiful vocal stylings of Angelikah Fahray, Nappy THC and Clay with the incredible choreography and movement of Olase Freeman in a video shot by Clay, culminating in a LIVE performance on October 16th, 2021 @ Space 538 in Portland Maine. Tickets on sale soon.


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We are currently fundraising for our non profit, project freewill, fixing up an old church from 1837 in New Portland, Maine, to turn back into a community space. We are fully incorporated and just received our 501c3 status.

Donations are now being accepted, and currently 100% of all record sales are going to support this project. Contribute to help drywall the ceiling, insulate the building, dig a well, to help build out the recording studio, to help fund residencies and help showcase the work of underground BIPOC and LGBTQ artists, as well as underdog Mainers who believe in our mission and wish to collaborate.

     With your help we can make it happen! Thank you.



After receiving a grant from the Maine Arts Commission, Clay has started hosting livestreams from Project Freewill.

Follow her to find out more.

The next livestream is Friday July 16th for Free Them All Fest, a prison abolitionist and bail fund relief effort. More info soon.

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Funded in part by a grant from the Maine Arts Commission, an independent state agency supported by the National Endowment for the Arts.


isolation Singles

Clay Camero has been living in isolation for years, recording and amassing an enormous back catalog, writing about the issues that face us all when we're stripped of our distractions and forced to examine our inner demons. Her heart goes out to the world right now for the difficult times we're all facing, and so she's decided to release a collection of Isolation Singles, new tunes she's recorded about the challenges in the quest for change, inside and out. She'll be sharing these periodically here.

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Funded in part by a grant from the Maine Arts Commission, an independent state agency supported by the National Endowment for the Arts.

upcoming albums


El Otro Lado, Clay Camero and the County Line Bandits' third formal release, is coming out very soon. this fall 2021.

Another epic testament to Clay's commitment to ride on and reside in the realm of underground music, this album is soaked with unwavering honesty and that gritty bullseye Bandits' (un)brand of psychedelia characteristic only to those who live a real life, dirty boots existence.

Clay is indefatigable as she tackles her mind one on one, as she takes us on a journey to the other side, examining death and impermanence as a necessary guide on the path towards freedom-- freedom of the mind-- while the body still fights in its self-made shackles, endlessly walking borderlands in circles trying to forget the past, only to collapse, hopeless in darkness. What is freedom but a burning illusion? A spirit comes and lights her a fire, and she mistakenly sees the fuel for her fire as the guilt of survival, the pain of clinging to pain. This spirit shows her the art of shape-shifting to transgress the deserted miles of the past, to let go of her identity and sing prayers. Clay travels to hold a long lost love as he takes his last breath. "Let there be light," Clay sings as he dies, "You're still alive."

Death is always present on the horizon in Clay's work. As it is in life. She never asks it, "Why?" and she never cries, "Why me?" or "Why NOT me?" She simple abides in getting to knowing it better every day that passes, every song she writes, every friend and love she loses.  

There is wisdom in this music, wrapped up in the kind of humility only a person with many scars can wear, and it speaks to the struggles we all face regardless of these degenerating times. Clay reminds you and herself that it's all an illusion, but that doesn't mean you should ignore it. Dive on in and let it take you for a ride, as long as you leave your fear of the unknown at the door. Clay testifies you can spread love on your travels through darkness so much the wiser if you have some solid friends backing you up.     

new releases


Resurrection is Clay Camero's second acclaimed album with the Bandits. It follows her first, Cool Blue Shadows, a dark powerful study of a woman standing her ground in the face of loss. Loss is a recurring theme in the songs of Resurrection, but this time the loss is accepted without the weight of remorse, as if Clay has finally shed the skin of sorrow she had worn for so long. The album opens with "Red Sand," a bittersweet depiction of Clay's Great Grandmother’s escape from a prison ship to roam alone through the deserts of Western Australia. The mood shifts with the classic anthem "Chevy," a pleasure cruise down the dusty back roads of Maine. Clay’s voice shines on "Poison Arrow," lending raw power to her ethereal femininity. As ever, the County Line Bandits are along for the journey, and together they ride. feeding the fires with their psychedelic twang. Throughout this beautifully written album the message is clear: the antidote to suffering is love. In "Dream Man" it seduces, in "Freedom" it heals, and in "Hot Summer Moonlight" it haunts. Clay’s stories transform darkness into light with unnerving honesty and otherworldliness. In Resurrection, Clay & the County Line Bandits transcend the heavy weight of being human with pure raw power.



sat.October 16th, 2021 w/angelikah fahray, nappy thC& Olase Freeman


Portland ME

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be safe, be smart, try to make the most of these strange days.


and if you're feeling sad about not being able to go to shows anymore, or feel displaced from your community and are feeling lonely, email for some words of encouragement

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photos and video by nicky giraffe

    & Clay Camero and Alex Nelson