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Camero has made over 14 albums, ranging from hissy underwater folk, psychedelic country rock to industrial pop. This LP artfully unites all of Clay's personae into one seriously epic album. With BPS, the theme that ties it all together is love-- love lost, dark secrets, heavy dreams, and love regained. She shares it all in an intimate portrait of a woodsqueer genius trying to navigate the darkest roads of her own mind. Torch in hand, she's confident that love will shine the way home. Camero embodies these degenerating times and transforms her sadness into regenerative fire, singing rivers of crows into romantic, caethonic ballads. Clay plays thousands of tracks of instruments on this new solo record, rich with sax, synth, field recordings, samples and beats. Recorded & produced by Clay using solar power on her land during the pandemic. More layers added at Freewill, Maine. Mixed by Clay Camero & Dan Whatley. Mastered by Caleb Mulkerin. Transluscent Tangerine Vinyl, special artwork designed by Clay Camero and Paul Miller Gamble, this LP is a work of art. Special edition of 400.


Expected by the end of July
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