Clay Camero has been writing music since she was a kid and finds her inspiration in nature, in the ether, in rust belt towns, and in the stories of what the flood leaves behind when the water recedes. She lives on a river in the foothills of the mountains of Western Maine and most days she's convinced all of her melodies come from the water. She's been called prolific by many, and a creative genius by some. 

Clay, also known as Caethua and Sports, has played in underground bands since she was 14. She believes in the power of music bringing communities together. She started SAXWAND RECORDS when she was 22. She has released over 10 albums, both on her label and through other labels over the years including Foxy Digitalis, Goaty Tapes, PRESERVATION, Psychic Sounds, BLUE SANCT, BATHETIC, NIGHT PEOPLE, WATER WING, Turned Word, FEEDING TUBE and more.


Clay is currently working on her next album on her land in Maine, and is reviving an old church from the 1800's to make it a venue and recording studio to help preserve the rich tradition of songwriting in Maine's Western Mountains.