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Clay Camero,  also known as CaethuaCammo, Ancestral Diet and Sports, has been writing songs since she was a kid. She has played in bands since she was 14, and believes in the power of music bringing communities together. She started Saxwand Records when she was 22. She has released over 14 albums, on Saxwand and through other labels over the years including Foxy Digitalis, Goaty Tapes, Preservation, Psychic Sounds, Blue Sanct, Bathetic, Nightpeople, WaterWing, Turned Word, Feedingtube and more.

Clay's latest solo album, BioPsychoSocial, is coming out on July 12th.  

Clay is reviving an old church from 1837 to make it a venue, community arts space and recording studio to help preserve the rich tradition of songwriting in rural Maine. In 2018, she founded
Project Freewill, a non-profit organization to help give the underserved a voice and to heal and unite community through the power of the arts.

Clay just graduated with her Master's in Counseling with a Creative Arts Focus from the University of Maine Farmington to help people rewrite their narrative through making music and art. She currently works in jails and in the community facilitating creative arts therapy.

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