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The legacy of Johan LloydE

In 1984, My father, JTW Hubbard, entered the OSTAR (offshore single-handed transatlantic race) in his Westsail 32' sailboat. It was a kit boat -- he ordered the hull from Westsail and did the rest-- made her simple, functional, and beautiful. He named her Johan Lloyde, after a viking who explored northeastern Canada. Dad put Johan's seaworthiness to the test in the OSTAR, and wrote a book about it called The Race.

     My siblings and I grew up on Johan, were babies when we first felt the waves against her hull and the wind in her halyards, and learned to sail her before even learning to ride a bike.

     Since our Dad's passing, Johan has sat on the hard, neglected due to lack of resources and, quite frankly, the overwhelming turmoil of trying to wrap up the loose ends of my father's amazingly adventurous life.

     Thankfully, I've finally found help in all this. my cousin Kyle, an amazingly talented renaissance man, sailor, mechanic, with his own carpentry, construction & landscaping business, Mossy Rock Landscaping, has decided to team up with me to bring Johan back. She needs a lot of TLC, and while we don't fit the typical profile of being yachtspeople, being blue collar, living off our hard earned wages, we aim to get her in the ocean again and aim to continue her legacy of teaching new generations of sailors how to navigate the coasts of Maine and beyond.

Kyle Cardone

our mission

Kyle and i both see this as a lifetime opportunity, and our love of sailing and fixing things is the backbone of our vision.

In the course of our adventures, we'll be posting regular updates of our progress. Keep checking back to see our trials and triumphs.

We'd love your help to fix her up. If you're interested in helping to preserve this beautiful family legacy in the face of hardship, donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.


And if you're close friends and family, chances are you'll be sailing on Johan one day. How cool is that?

These times are so uncertain, it's a blessing to have this new challenge and someone to work on this with. If you want to help with expertise/equipment, get in touch!


Thank you.

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