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Project freewill

Our Mission:to give a voice to underground artists in rural Maine

After years of neglect, Freewill Church has come into our hands, and we are working to bring it back to function as a viable community space once more.


Built in 1837, the building served as Freewill Baptist Church, and then later as Fernwood Grange, before falling to disrepair from lack of resources, direction, and maintenance.

When I first saw Freewill, I decided then and there to try to help make the building functional once again. After years of proposals and negotiations, the building became ours in June 2020, and we have since created our nonprofit, Project Freewill, to help foster creative growth, conversation and collaboration in rural Maine.

With your help, we patched a massive hole in the roof, and have begun to make sound once again this stout, well-built timber frame construction.

We have since set up a recording studio and have been hosting artists quarantine-style, with artist residencies and safely-distanced recording collaborations.


freewill baptist church 1837


It's our mission to continue to improve the building to get it fully-functioning once more. Currently, we're grant writing and fundraising to weatherize, repair plaster and stained glass windows, and install heating and insulation. With your support, we can make it happen.  

fixing the roof, July 2020

One of Project Freewill’s main goals is to help end systemic racism and sexism through art, music and cross-cultural collaboration by supporting BIPOC, LGBTQ and female artists in rural Maine, and by bringing diverse voices to our community to share their art and experiences in an welcoming, inspiring environment.

Once the building is in full working order, we will donate it to the indigenous people of Maine. We are currently working with the Abenaki to make this happen.


ceiling damage in the main room


   We Need your Help   

 donations needed for 

  • cellulose insulation --- $4,000

  • insulated stovepipe --- $1,000

  • ceiling repair --- $3,000

  • window repair --- $2,300

  • wood cookstove --- $2,500

  • drilled well --- $7,000

  • bathroom installation ---$3,ooo

    Our Goal---$22,800


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We are a fully incorporated non-profit with our 501c3. Please request a receipt if you plan to deduct your donation on your taxes. Thank you.


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